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About the business

Our business

LEGION — a leader in the distribution of elite alcohol from all over the world in the Uzbek market. It is a licensed supplier of products of the world’s renowned brands within the territory of Uzbekistan. All goods meet the modern quality standards, here you will find drinks of the highest quality.

We run a comfortable business and interact smoothly with people.

We have skyrocketed to success in just 17 years, ahead of many competitors in the market. Today, we can proudly call ourselves market leaders, a global innovative company that confidently keeps pace with the times and courageously undertakes experiments. We strive to create the best corporate culture in our niche and move even further in the field of development.
We have come this way relatively quickly, when other companies spend many decades paving similar paths.
We are maintaining the leading position in the Uzbek market, boldly going for experiments, and developing rapidly without stopping.

Distribution of imported products

All the supplied batches of alcohol are examined and certified for compliance with the quality standard. We also have our own system of quality assurance certification according to the highest standards from the manufacturer.
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Chain stores across the country

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assortment of syrup and topping MONIN
117+ trademarks of alcoholic beverages

vodka, fortified, sparkling, champagne and other wines, whiskey, cognac, brandy, liqueurs, balsams, low alcohol drinks
3000+ product variations

with quality certificates, in accordance with all standards
62+ syrups and toppings 16+ fruit purees

official distributors of the French brand Monin